Whiskey Oaks Heritage Farm

Website: fj1482.wixsite.com/whiskeyoaks

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Our main goal is to breed American Heritage breeds and bring awareness to these lost breeds through education and using the breeds for their intended purposes. We are still in our set up phase but currently sell true free range chicken and duck eggs. Our laying breeds currently consist of Cayuga ducks, Barred rock, Brown leghorn, American Game Fowl, Dominiques, Jersey Giants, Easter Eggers and Legbar. We also sell processed and live birds. On occasion we have whole chicken, duck and seasonal Cotton Patch goose. All of our breeds thrive in finding their own food and we give them the ample space to do so. We have our Limited Poultry and Egg licence and we are working on getting our NPIP and our Animal Welfare Approved seal. You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whiskeyoaks/. We encourage you to like us and leave a review of our products that you have tried. We try to post everyday so that you can see what is going on at the farm. We also have a website where you can Subscribe to our email list. I promise we will not spam your e-mail. But you will get the first updates when we have products coming up. Feel free to message us and start a dialog. We love to talk to our customers.

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