The Flour Pot Bakery

Website: theflourpotbakery.com

We provide freshly baked bread, baguettes, muffins, pastries, cookies, pies and cakes. All our products are made fresh each day without preservatives or additives. All natural ingredients, many vegen. Gluten free is also available.

The Flour Pot Bakery (now the Flour Pot Café & Bakery) was started in 2006. Susan and I purchased it in September 2016. We have continued with the philosophy of quality products, great service and reasonable prices. This philosophy is continuously reinforced with highly favorable comments from our customers. It is not unusual for a customer to comment on how much they like our products. We have a very loyal customer base who literally stand in line for our breads and pastries. We were sorely missed when the previous owners withdrew from the Ocala and Gainesville farmer markets.

Susan is a pastry chef and previously owned/operated bakeries in Gainesville. It was extremely fortunate that she was re-entering the employment market, after spending a year caring for her granddaughter, at the same time The Flour Pot became available. She has an excellent repertoire of proven recipes which we’re slowly introducing. Her croissants are the best around! She’s a firm believer of showing by example and is constantly educating our other bakers. She has created a team environment, in which our employees routinely take the extra steps to ensure we have the best quality products.

I am a number guy and try not to interfere in the day-to-day operations. I help where I can but my expertise is in other fields. My focus is to help wherever needed without interfering.

Bread production starts at 8 PM the night prior with our baker arriving at midnight. He is truly an artisan, and knows the exact time to proof, rotate and bake each of our dozen or so varieties. He doubles as a delivery driver and takes great pride in what he bakes and our relationship with our customers.

We don’t use frozen dough or preservatives. We are not currently “organic certified” but it is one of our goals for 2017. We have gluten-free breads, muffins and pastries. We also sell vegan products (and our supporting the 1st annual Gainesville vegan festival).

We’re currently in the beginning phase of a complete renovation that will add seating and production space as well as give the bakery a more serene atmosphere. We are also adding an additional delivery vehicle to deliver to the Ocala market. Once our renovation is completed we hope to extend our hours and add Sunday brunch.

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