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Christmas Market

Thanks go to those that responded to the quick poll. NO Market Christmas Week by a 4 to 1 margin.

So this week is the Christmas Market.

SaraFay Farm

Great gifts or something to enjoy for yourself
Gluten Free Cranberry Walnut Loaf $8.00
Ginger Bread Loaf $6.00 (May contain Gluten)

Register Cracker Farm

Full range of vegetables for your holiday table.

Tomatoes are coming from sister farms in South Florida, they are plentiful so prices are right for canning.

3 Rock Farm

Baby Bok Choy
Use as a different vegetable for Christmas Dinner. Add to soups stir fry or salad $3.00 8oz bag. (No Waste)

Mixed Salad and Arugula are all greenhouse grown, in organic compost.
Great for a tasty salad during the holidays.

Farm Fresh Honey

Christmas Honey Sale, 1Qt Jar plus free Honey Bear for easy use, Fall Wildflower – Local Marion County

A jar of honey or a honeycomb makes a very acceptable gift.

Florida Fresh Meat

Just a few hams available.

That grass fed beef taste is always welcome at meal time.
Try some New York strip Steak or perhaps a chicken to roast.

Call 352.533.8921 to discuss your order.

Shoebox Herb Gardens

Look at the great range of gift baskets, just type “basket” into the search box.

This is the last market of the year.
Our Next market will be January 2nd 2014
Let us take this opportunity to thank you for your support during the past year, and wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and Joyful, Prosperous and Healthy New Year

Your CCLG Team

The link will take you there.

Quick Poll - Christmas Market

With Christmas Day on a Wednesday this year this gives us just the Monday prior to Christmas for a Market. That would mean just 3 days between Markets.

Question: Monday Market
or No Market Christmas week.

So please email you preference to
Please vote by Midnight Friday December 13th.

Many thanks


It is the Season

This week let us start with a picture of crops in the ground.

3 Rock Farm Winter Garden

Taken late November 2013

With the greens starting to show and the Papaya tress in the back ground.This will be in full production late December and January.
With offerings including Fresh Lettuce, Mouthwatering Jams and Cobblers. Plants including the Papaya trees in the background. Sure is worth a moment to browse their offerings.

Florida Fresh Meat

A new delivery of chickens arrived this week. These local, Dunnellon, chickens are my favorite for a Sunday Roast as they are the best I have ever tasted.
Special Order Line. Want to discuss your requirement before you place the order. Call 352.533.8921
Christmas Ham, and Beef orders being taken now.

Gaia’s Creamery

Here we have an expanded dairy offering. Watch this space new things coming.

Register Cracker Farm

Tomatoes are coming on strong. Anticipate bulk buys for canning soon. Carrots continue to be of good quality and the squash can always be relied upon. Corn will be here soon. Fresh from South Florida. Please do remember that products that are grown without pesticides may contain a few minor pests or otherwise be a little less than perfect when compared to their chemical and pesticide laden cousins.

Roxies Garden

This week sees Lemon Grass being offered again. Use the thick part in soups and stews. I takes a while to soften, but so worth it.

Shoe Box Herb Gardens

Back from a week off. Now with a range of seasonal gift baskets, do not forget the sauces and jams.

Simply Seafood

Fresh Clams from Cedar Key with some Alfredo sauce and angel hair pasta, make a great evening meal.

Thank you for supporting your On-line Farmers Market.

See you at pickup!

The link will take you there.

After Thanksgiving

The week after Thanksgiving sees the late fall crops coming in. Always nice to have Strawberries over the Thanksgiving period.

From 3 Rock Farm
Wintertime means Fresh Greens! This week we have 2 kinds of kale – Sweet Russian and Toscano, (aka Dinosaur Kale), mustard greens and fresh arugula. Perhaps the last of the Satsuma Tangerines.

Shoebox Herb Gardens is taking a vacation this week but will be back next.

Thank you for supporting your On-line Farmers Market.

See you at pickup!

This link will take you there.


Thanksgiving Market

Market is OPEN
Market Closes Sunday Midnight
Pickup is TUESDAY usual time & place.

As you prepare your Thanksgiving meals, here are some items that might be useful and healthy.


Fresh picked, no wax or color added. Just like nature intended! Small, but extremely sweet and juicy, easy to peel and seedless! Makes awesome juice.


Potatoes, Squash, Onoions, Caarrots


Strawberries, Navel Red Oranges and regular navel oranges.

Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon – 5% oil.

Vietnamese cinnamon is the strongest, richest, and sweetest cinnamon around. For traditional cinnamon recipes such as gooey cinnamon rolls, the vibrant flavor of Vietnamese cinnamon really shines.

Tea – Organic China Black (Orange Pekoe)

Orange pekoe tea, which should not be confused with herbal tea, is a type of black tea which has several health benefits. There have been multiple studies investigating the effects of tea on cardiovascular disease prevention. Rutin, which is a compound found in orange pekoe tea, has antioxidant properties according to Ihme and colleagues in a 1996 article from the “European Journal of Pharmacology.” Antioxidants help to counteract free radicals preventing them from damaging tissues of the body. Thus, antioxidants helps to combat premature aging. Orange pekoe tea’s rutin compound may help improve venous circulation.

Pie – 9" Pumpkin

Made with REAL pumpkins from Register Cracker Farm!

Cranberry Sauce

Just in time for Thanksgiving… Homemade Cranberry Sauce!! You don’t have to tell them YOU didn’t make it… it’s still homemade! Ingredients: Cranberries, Orange Juice, Sugar

Meats from Florida-Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Goat and Gator

All meats from Florida Fresh Meat are raised locally and naturally. Beef are grass fed, along with Pork, Chicken and Goat they are all raised in open fields. NO HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTICS and CHEMICAL FREE. Try a Bottom Round Roast, Pork Loin Roast, Lamb Roast. or maybe some Ground Beef to make your signature Hamburgers even tastier.

Whole Milk, Cheese and Eggs

Checkout these offerings, all from LOCAL small farms.


Sweeten you thanks giving dishes with honey from local apiaries.

Search Tip

On the Market Page select “All Products”
Then find the Search Box in the center of the page and enter a key word e.g Beef Lettuce etc. Press search and all the offering will be there.

We give Thanks for your support of local agriculture and your On-line Farmers Market.

See you at pickup! On Tuesday.

The CCLG Team wishes you and your family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

The link will take you there.

Change of Pickup Day for Thanksgiving

This week we start to see the first of the seasonal fruits for the holidays. Talking of holidays next Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.

Change of pickup day for Thanksgiving Week.
The market will open Friday November 22 and will close late Sunday 24th. Pickup will be on Tuesday at the usual place and time.

Register Cracker Farm
*Oranges Red Navel
*Oranges Navel

Shoebox Herb Gardens
*Fresh Homemade Cranberry Sauce
*Homemade Pumpkin Pie
*Orange Marmalade (Made with oranges from Register cracker Farms Orange Groves in Altura FL.)

3 Rock Farm
*Chickens are laying again. Eggs available

Thank you for supporting your On-line Farmers Market.

See you at pickup!

The link will take you there.

Oops! Thanksgiving is NOT next week!

Hi Guys:
Mike has just informed me I made a mistake on the dates in my last email. So sorry! Hope I didn’t panic anyone!!

This week is business as usual. NEXT WEEK IS ALSO BUSINESS AS USUAL.

The following week we will be doing market on Tuesday, November 26th (NOT the 19th, as previously emailed) so you can shop in time to cook for Thanksgiving.

Sorry for the confusion.

See you at pickup!

The link will take you there.

It's almost Thanksgiving!

Hi all CCLG Market Members,

It’s that time of the week again!

A quick update on Michael. He is healthy and happy and mobile again; YAY!

This week we have a new vendor: Madelyn’s House of Spice and Such. She has listed three organic products this week for your pleasure: Garlic Powder, Loose Spearmint Tea and Vietnamese Cinnamon.

Register Cracker Farm has fresh butter crunch lettuce this week in addition to their regular seasonal fruits and vegetables.

3 Rock Farm has Satsuma Tangerines again this week – DON’T MISS THESE; they are seedless, easy to peel and super-sweet!

Shoebox Herb Garden has Toasted Pumpkin Seeds… tis that season… and a LIMITED # of pumpkin pies each week through Thanksgiving. Also now available for a limited time is homemade Cranberry Sauce & sweet Cranberry Jam.

Speaking of Thanksgiving. Next week, we are going to to do market on Tuesday, November 19th so everyone has a chance to buy healthy for their Thanksgiving feasts – mark you calendars!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.

Daylight Savings TIme is Over!

Hi all CCLG Market Members,

It’s that time of the week again! Hope you enjoyed that extra hour sleep last night!

A quick update on Michael. He is home and recovering from surgery. He’s doing very well and looking forward to coming back to market in a few weeks. He appreciates all your well wishes and healing vibes!!

This week we have a new vendor: Farm Fresh Honey. Mitchell has over 100 hives in Ocala and produces 3 different types of honey for us: Spring Wildflower, Fall Wildflower and Orange Blossom. His hives are state inspected and his honey is all natural, unprocessed, and never heated so you’re sure to get all the health benefits honey has to offer.

Shoebox Herb Garden has made a wonderful pumpkin butter to celebrate the season and Register Cracker has a wide selection of seasonal offerings, as usual!

3 Rock Farm has Satsuma Tangerines this week, but probably not for too long. The freeze earlier this year really took its toll on the citrus crops, so buy them now while you can! As you read this, Amy is busy making gallons of her delicious Orange Tangerine Marmalade, which, by the way, is outrageously good on her Lemon Scones!

The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.

Happy Halloween!

Hi all CCLG Market Members,

It’s that time of the week again! The selection this week is spooky good, with no tricks but lots of treats!!

Shoebox Herb Garden has added Sago Palms as well as a few 3’ Loquat trees. Rumor has it she will be adding some homemade rum cake (from scratch) among other baked goods, so be sure to check the market often!

Register Cracker has a wonderful selection of new offerings which includes Naval oranges, Honeybell Tangerines, Pineapples, Jumbo Vidalia Onions, Red Delicious Apples, Bi-color corn, Strawberry Preserves and Summer Tomato Salad Dressing, in addition to their standard seasonal goodies.

3 Rock Farm has Peach Butter (made with local honey and fresh Florida peaches), fresh Lemon Scones and will be adding Monkey Bread, soon!!

We wish all our growers and customers and happy and safe Halloween!

The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.