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Spring is coming fast!

Lots of new items on the Market this week. Be sure to check regularly as sometimes our growers add things midweek as well!

Just in time for Easter
Florida Fresh Meat Special
Hormone and Antibiotic Free Beef
Naturally raised on Florida Pastures
Beef, Rump Roast 2.9 – 3.1 lbs $34.5

Call 352.897.0979 to order your Locally Grown grass fed Lamb for Easter and Passover.

Cracker Farm have added: Brussel Sprouts, Hass Avocado, Broccoli Crowns, Sweet Potatoes, Egg Plant, Cantaloupe, and Pineapple.

Blessings, Healthy Eating and Happy Gardening!


Winter's Last Hoorah?

Boy it’s been a cold one out there for days now! It’s supposed to let up for one night then hit again for one more before we can expect to see mid to late 40’s and 50’s at night again. At least according to the 30 day outlook! I’m raising my glass of OJ to cheer that. So keep your plants indoors for another couple days and breathe easy knowing that it’s almost over for us but our family and friends up north are still shoveling inches, and feet in some places, of snow. Prayers go out to those and their family who have been left in those terrible wintery conditions without power, trapped in their cars, or fell victim to traffic accidents due to ice.

Now for the Good News… Debe at Coffey Break Farm informs me that they have numerous new baby goats now! I had the privilege to meet one at Dunnellon’s First Saturday in the Historic District. He was such a little cutie! Debe tells me they have 3 that they are having to bottle feed at home and although things are busy and hectic they are excited to report that soon they expect to have enough milk coming in not only to begin ramping up cheese production again but also to have enough to offer on the market as well! Yay!

Several new items have been added midweek in the last few weeks, some of them were noticed and reported back to you in midweek emails while others were added quietly and didn’t get noticed in time to be included in those messages. I apologize for that and am excited to announce that we have a new Grains and Milled Products category with several new items available in it! Register Craker Farm has lots of delicious veggies listed as well as the return of Buttercrunch Lettuce! There are many culinary jams and Jellies from 3 Rock Farm and SaraFay Farm and new energy bars on the market as well from SaraFay Farm! There are a few 3 packs of Grapefruit left, Kumquats, and a new marmalade available this week from Shoebox Herb Gardens! Don’t forget your proteins with organic meats from Fox Hollow Farm, Florida Fresh Meat and Simply Seafood!

As always I bid you blessings, healthy eating and happy gardening.

Assistant Market Manager

Oops we did it again! Another New Item listed late.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled week for this late breaking announcement!

There are another couple of late listings this week on the market! Organically grown Ruby Red Grapefruit and organically grown Florida Oranges are now available from Shoebox Herb Gardens in the Fruits department! Limited quantities available so get them early.

After last week’s announcement regarding the late listing of bi-color corn from Register Cracker Farm, we received several questions regarding the heritage of the seed. To answer your questions, the Registers have assured us that this corn is non-GMO and was grown chemically free.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled week.

Thank you!

Gonna get cold again this week!

Happy Sunday you’all! While the weather has been beautifull and warm the last several days and is expected to remain so for the next few more, it’s supposed to get back down in the 30’s later this week! Bring in or cover what plants you can that are not cold hardy!

This week’s market has a lot to offer. Please be sure to check each tab for new products, you don’t want to miss out!

See you on Thursday!

Happy Gardening, Healthy Eating and Blessings,

The CCLG Team

It's COLD out there!

Good afternoon all on this fine, clear, BRISK day! We are experiencing what many of our growers hope is winter’s last Hoorah with freezing or near freezing temperatures last night, tonight, and possibly the next night as well. Tonight is supposed to be colder than last night so if you have plants out doors that are not cold hardy best to get them covered or moved inside ASAP! We’ll cross our fingers for everyone’s crops/plants.

The market is open! Please be sure to check the many various category tabs to see what’s available this week as it does change week by week and you don’t want to miss what’s new this week!

Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening you’all!

The CCLG Team

Last Minute Special!!!!

The chickens at Fox Hollow Farm have been pretty tense recently. Things around the hen house have been uptight for sure but no one knew why until owner, Gaby Stahl, found a rattlesnake hanging about the other day! With the removal of the rattlesnake, the last few days the hens have virtually been celebrating with a multitude of egg laying! So to celebrate the joy of her hens, Gaby is reducing the price of a dozen eggs to $3. We are going to hold the market open till Wednesday morning to give everyone a chance to take advantage of this great buy. If you’ve already ordered eggs this week, don’t worry, yours have already been updated with the new pricing.

Healthy Eating, Happy Gardening, and Blessings!

The CCLG Team

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year has proven to be an exciting year so far for the CCLG Market. Thank you to all our Growers, Managers, and Volunteers for all that you do to help our market grow and be successful!

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday and what excellent timing too! Just in time to order all the best ingredients to show your honey just how much you care with the finest chemical free fare in the county! Be sure to check all the Market tabs for new items as they do change week by week!

See you Thursday and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Healthy Eating, Happy Gardening, and Blessings!

The CCLG Team

Happy February!

Welcome to February 2013! The market is growing every week. Be sure to check out the listings in each category week by week because they DO change!

Your Market is OPEN!!!

The CCLG Team

Jelly and Jam EXPLOSION!

Hello CCLG Members! Happy Sunday and welcome to your Market this week!

We have a new volunteer with the Market this week who has agreed to help with our Face Book Page! Thank you Becca Jackson for all that you do! So if you see her about with a camera in hand, don’t worry, she’s not selling your photos to the tabloids, just updating our social media presence! You can visit us and LIKE our Face Book Page at

It appears that we have had an explosion in the Processed Foods tab of the Market with lots and lots of new Jams and Jellies and Preserves listed from SaraFay Farm. We also have a limited supply of Mixed Veggies and some new seeds available this week from Shoebox Herb Gardens. With Oysters Rockefeller, Lobster Tails, local Cedar Key Little Neck Clams, and Tilapia from Simply Seafood how can you go wrong? Let’s not forget the BOXES of Tomatoes and Bananas available from Register Cracker Farm or all the wonderful organic meats from Florida Fresh Meat Company. And no breakfast is complete without naturally colored, farm fresh, free range eggs from Fox Hollow Farm! 3 Rock Farm has your citrus fix again this week with Florida Naval Oranges and Tangerines while Coffey Break Farm has a limited supply of their delicioius flavored Chevres (goat cheeses)! With four pregnant mamas let’s wish them well with the upcoming births and more of that wonderful milk!

It’s going to be a big week at the market, order your delicious produce and goods between now and Tuesday night!


Thank you, Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening!

The CCLG Team


Wishing you ALL a
Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous
With the Holidays behind us we are “getting back to normal”. However one New Year’s resolution that I am keeping in mind is to eat healthier in 2013.
Our Growers go out their way to bring value to the products they offer. While nutrition and taste are always improved, most times at lower cost than store purchased items.
Grower News
3 Rock Farm
They continue to expand their offering. Thank you, Amy.

Rise and Shine Bread
The Whole Wheat bread was described to me as “awesome” Personally I find it has a very delicate flavor compared to other breads of a similar nature. Well done Stephanie.

Florida Fresh Meat Company
Known for their local, naturally raised meats, which are hormone and antibiotic free, FFMC distributes across The State of Florida. Recently a restaurant in the Miami area scored 27 out of 30 on the Zagatt rating for a Hamburger using FFMC’s ground beef. Consider using FFMC ground beef when you next make beef patties. With the increased flavor a smaller patty delivering a satisfying meal. Make 6 from a 1lb pack of FFMC Ground Beef.

Your Market is just over 1 year old and we look forward to new growers joining us and an expanded product offering.
From all of us at Citrus County Locally Grown, THANK YOU for your support in the past year.
“Click here for the market”:
See you at pickup on Thursday.
Market Manager