Image Olive Trees
Grower: 3 Rock Farm, Inc
Price: $45.00 ( 1 potted plant)
%> Available (Exact): 10

Mature Koroneiki Olive Trees in containers, approx 5-6' tall, ready to be transplanted and start producing olives. It ripens early and yields are high and constant. It's quick growing and performs well in warmer climates since it has a low chill requirement. High oil content of up to 24%. High in anti-oxidants. Olive oil reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Koroneiki will grow up to 12-15 feet tall with a 15-20 feet spread. It’s a fast-growing tree with a spreading habit and open canopy. It blooms early in the spring, but the tiny flowers are mostly hidden by the foliage. A hardy tree, Koroneiki can tolerate a variety of soils and is even drought resistant. Koroneiki is self-fertile, so you can try just one if you like…but we’re sure you’ll soon be adding more to your yard once you sample all that Koroneiki has to offer. *Exceptional fruit with health benefits *Hardy *Drought tolerant *Disease resistant *Fire resistant *Tolerates a variety of soils *Perfect for patio planter