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Mint Tea

Love mint? Try this delicious and super-easy recipe for Mint Tea.

To make it, you can use either fresh mint leaves or dried leaves. If you grow fresh mint in your garden you can even dry your own leaves for making tea next winter.

Best of all, as you’ll see when you read this mint tea recipe, it’s incredibly easy to make.

Source: http://www.your-cup-of-tea.com/mint-tea-recipe.html (Entered by Patricia Kirkham)
Serves: Makes 2 cups

3 Cup Water
12-15 Fresh Leaves Mint of your choice

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Heat 3 cups of good quality water to boiling.
  2. If you’re using fresh mint, put 12-15 leaves in a tea infuser or a tea strainer. If you’re using dried mint, put a rounded teaspoon full into the infuser or strainer.
  3. Pour about 2 cups of boiling water over the leaves and into the pot. Let fresh leaves steep for about 3-4 minutes. Dried mint leaves normally require a little less time—perhaps 2-3 minutes. While the mint is steeping, close your eyes and inhale the delicious aroma . . . by the time your tea is ready, you’ll feel relaxed and energized, even before you drink it!
  4. Sweeten to taste if desired and Enjoy!


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