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Winter's Last Hoorah?

Boy it’s been a cold one out there for days now! It’s supposed to let up for one night then hit again for one more before we can expect to see mid to late 40’s and 50’s at night again. At least according to the 30 day outlook! I’m raising my glass of OJ to cheer that. So keep your plants indoors for another couple days and breathe easy knowing that it’s almost over for us but our family and friends up north are still shoveling inches, and feet in some places, of snow. Prayers go out to those and their family who have been left in those terrible wintery conditions without power, trapped in their cars, or fell victim to traffic accidents due to ice.

Now for the Good News… Debe at Coffey Break Farm informs me that they have numerous new baby goats now! I had the privilege to meet one at Dunnellon’s First Saturday in the Historic District. He was such a little cutie! Debe tells me they have 3 that they are having to bottle feed at home and although things are busy and hectic they are excited to report that soon they expect to have enough milk coming in not only to begin ramping up cheese production again but also to have enough to offer on the market as well! Yay!

Several new items have been added midweek in the last few weeks, some of them were noticed and reported back to you in midweek emails while others were added quietly and didn’t get noticed in time to be included in those messages. I apologize for that and am excited to announce that we have a new Grains and Milled Products category with several new items available in it! Register Craker Farm has lots of delicious veggies listed as well as the return of Buttercrunch Lettuce! There are many culinary jams and Jellies from 3 Rock Farm and SaraFay Farm and new energy bars on the market as well from SaraFay Farm! There are a few 3 packs of Grapefruit left, Kumquats, and a new marmalade available this week from Shoebox Herb Gardens! Don’t forget your proteins with organic meats from Fox Hollow Farm, Florida Fresh Meat and Simply Seafood!

As always I bid you blessings, healthy eating and happy gardening.

Assistant Market Manager