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Hurricane Season Begins

Good morning friends and neighbors and Happy Sunday to you all!

As many of you are aware yesterday was the official start of hurricane season here in FL. If you haven’t done so already please keep your families safe by developing a plan of evacuation if needed as well as stores of food and water. Many area grocery stores off literature on what and how much is needed to get thru a week or two of no power or water.

For your fresh food needs in the meantime you may be interested to know that Register Cracker Farm not only has Blueberries, but also peaches! Roxy’s Garden still has delicious colored green beans and white eggplant! 3 Rock Farm is still offering Baby Bock Choi and Endive!

Some of you may have noticed too that Fox Hollow Farm has started offering eggs separated by color. Medium Green Eggs by the dozen are available in limited quantity while you can now choose if you want all Large Brown Eggs or a mix of Naturally Colored Eggs!

Simply Seafood’s offerings have recently changed so please be sure to check and see what’s new and different this week! Knutty 4 Knuts is offering Green Kokonuts SO FULL of coconut water that some of them can’t even shake! Fresh and delicious, organically grown in South Florida.

Florida Fresh Meat Company and Gaia’s Creamery are your source of local fresh, grass fed and organic meats, far more superior than the hormone and grain fed stuff you get at the grocery stores!

Coffee Break Farm started offering their new, delicious Goat Milk Chocolate Fudge with and without Walnuts last week while Gaia’s Creamery is now offering flavored Frozen Yogurt!

SaraFay Farm and Knutty 4 Knuts have your gluten free bread needs covered with a variety of delicious breads available between them!

To conclude, we wish you all a fun, SAFE, and happy Summer! ENJOY!

Your Market is OPEN!

Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening!

The CCLG Team