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Thank you All

Good afternoon friends and neighbors!

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their cooperation with the changes necessary for last week’s market delivery and pickup. Our Growers were fantastic about working with us on the new drop off day/time! Likewise, you, our Customers were awesome about the changes in the pick up day and times with only a few unavoidable exceptions! Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused due to the bad weather we suffered in the area on Thursday, but we do appreciate your cooperation given the circumstances! Thank you.

Now on to this week’s market news… Brandy Register of Register Cracker Farm celebrated her birthday last week. We wish you a belated Happy Birthday Brandy!

In other news, Shoebox Herb Gardens has been busy, busy, busy making new Jams for your pleasure. This week’s new offerings include Peach Cobbler Jam (tastes just like real Peach Cobbler!), Blueberry Cherry Pie Jam (tastes just like real Blueberry Cherry Pie!), and Tricia’s new favorite ~ Blueberry Cherry Lemonade Jam! Tricia is hard at work developing even more new tastes for our pleasure this week too! We are looking forward to what new delectable delights she comes up with next. Shoebox Herb Gardens is also offering some different cookie varieties this week as well. What a busy lady she has been!

Simply Seafood has added prepared Crab Cakes and Calamari Salad to their offerings. Yum!

Gaia’s Creamery is now offering Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Creams and Blackberry Frozen Yogurt too! What great summer treats!

Coffey Break Farm is featuring personal Chocolate Cherry Chevre Cheese Pies this week! These are SO GOOD!!!

Summer is the time when many of us eat a lot of tuna salad, potato salad, chicken salad, egg salad, and deviled eggs. When planning your picnic menus this month, don’t forget the eggs for all these delicious salads! Fox Hollow Farm and Register Cracker Farm have got you covered with excellent farm fresh, naturally colored, brown, and green eggs!

Temperatures are rising and the risk of sunburn rises with it. Please be careful and wear your hats and sunscreen when outdoors! Be safe and have fun this summer!

Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening; your CCLG Market is OPEN!

The CCLG Team