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Autumn is Technically here

Good morning friends and neighbors,

We’d like to start this week’s weblog off with a prayer for the mother of one of our growers, Roxanne Cochran of Roxie’s Garden. She had to got to Emergency last Thursday. Please keep her in your prayers for a fast and full recovery.

Autumn is technically here but it sure doesn’t FEEL like it does it? With temps still ranging in the low to mid 90s it’s still important to be careful when you’re getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Wear your sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids!

We have lots to choose from this week with a few changes here and there so go ahead and browse all the categories while you’re considering what to order!

Your CCLG Market is OPEN!

Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening to you!
The CCLG Team