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Honey and Other Tempting Treats

Hello All Market Members,

Additional News for this week.

We have honey available on our market. From the beehives of a Nature Coast Beekeeper. It is local, and most of the hives are West of US19. A beekeepers life is a busy one, so CCLG is the distributor.
Just $5 for the 1lb jar.

Part of the unique flavor of the Bread Pudding, from 3 Rock Farm, comes from the French Bread used in the recipe. Eaten Hot or Cold this is a real treat.

EGGS 18 Count
18 Count cartons of eggs are available again.

Gaia’s Creamery are offering raw fresh cream and butter for your animals.

As the seasons change, and we welcome cooler days, we will have Lettuce and other fall crops returning soon.

If you have any questions or need help with ordering please do email the Market Managers.

Click on the link below to visit your market.

Thank you for supporting your ON-Line Farmers Market.

See you at Pickup.

Blessings, HEALTHY EATING, and Happy Gardening to you!

The CCLG Team