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Daylight Savings TIme is Over!

Hi all CCLG Market Members,

It’s that time of the week again! Hope you enjoyed that extra hour sleep last night!

A quick update on Michael. He is home and recovering from surgery. He’s doing very well and looking forward to coming back to market in a few weeks. He appreciates all your well wishes and healing vibes!!

This week we have a new vendor: Farm Fresh Honey. Mitchell has over 100 hives in Ocala and produces 3 different types of honey for us: Spring Wildflower, Fall Wildflower and Orange Blossom. His hives are state inspected and his honey is all natural, unprocessed, and never heated so you’re sure to get all the health benefits honey has to offer.

Shoebox Herb Garden has made a wonderful pumpkin butter to celebrate the season and Register Cracker has a wide selection of seasonal offerings, as usual!

3 Rock Farm has Satsuma Tangerines this week, but probably not for too long. The freeze earlier this year really took its toll on the citrus crops, so buy them now while you can! As you read this, Amy is busy making gallons of her delicious Orange Tangerine Marmalade, which, by the way, is outrageously good on her Lemon Scones!

The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.