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Eggs are back


Register Cracker Farm

After their rest the hens are laying again. Burma Register shared with me that she saw an increase immediately after discussing Chicken Pot Pie!!!!

Autumns Cakery

A new grower. (Yes we call all vendors growers). Look for the Triple Chocolate Cake. It is awesome. Yes I had a sample.

Autumns husband Jamie takes care of the Jerky. Spicy Beef Jerky. Made with humanely raised, vegetarian fed, non-hormone or antibiotic injected beef. Marinated in Worcestershire Sauce and sprinkled with special peppery spices. This is not a “HOT” jerky, but the spice level has a little heat. Very addicting.

Gaia’s Creamery

Fresh crop Pecans are available now.

Pickup is Thursday January 9th
Usual time and place.

Your CCLG Team

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