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*3 Rock Farm*

Toscano Kale is available.

*‘Toscano’ is an excellent heirloom kale that thrives in fall and winter gardens. Coming to us from Italy, this variety is also known as lacinato, Tuscan, or dinosaur kale. Bearing deeply wrinkled, blue leaves with smooth edges, ‘Toscano’ kale is an absolute favorite for flavor and texture. *

New this week. Pecan Scones

*Gaia’s Creamery*

Is on vacation for two weeks. Will be back 3/6/2014.

*Coffey Break Farm*

Spring is in the air. Kids are playing, Goat milk is flowing at the farm. Milk and cheese for all.

Market will remain open until 12:01am Wednesday February 19th

Pickup is Thursday February 20th
Usual time and place.

Thank you for supporting your On-Line Farmers Market

Your CCLG Team

The link will take you there.