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Oops! Thanksgiving is NOT next week!

Hi Guys:
Mike has just informed me I made a mistake on the dates in my last email. So sorry! Hope I didn’t panic anyone!!

This week is business as usual. NEXT WEEK IS ALSO BUSINESS AS USUAL.

The following week we will be doing market on Tuesday, November 26th (NOT the 19th, as previously emailed) so you can shop in time to cook for Thanksgiving.

Sorry for the confusion.

See you at pickup!

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It's almost Thanksgiving!

Hi all CCLG Market Members,

It’s that time of the week again!

A quick update on Michael. He is healthy and happy and mobile again; YAY!

This week we have a new vendor: Madelyn’s House of Spice and Such. She has listed three organic products this week for your pleasure: Garlic Powder, Loose Spearmint Tea and Vietnamese Cinnamon.

Register Cracker Farm has fresh butter crunch lettuce this week in addition to their regular seasonal fruits and vegetables.

3 Rock Farm has Satsuma Tangerines again this week – DON’T MISS THESE; they are seedless, easy to peel and super-sweet!

Shoebox Herb Garden has Toasted Pumpkin Seeds… tis that season… and a LIMITED # of pumpkin pies each week through Thanksgiving. Also now available for a limited time is homemade Cranberry Sauce & sweet Cranberry Jam.

Speaking of Thanksgiving. Next week, we are going to to do market on Tuesday, November 19th so everyone has a chance to buy healthy for their Thanksgiving feasts – mark you calendars!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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So have a great week and see you at pickup.

Daylight Savings TIme is Over!

Hi all CCLG Market Members,

It’s that time of the week again! Hope you enjoyed that extra hour sleep last night!

A quick update on Michael. He is home and recovering from surgery. He’s doing very well and looking forward to coming back to market in a few weeks. He appreciates all your well wishes and healing vibes!!

This week we have a new vendor: Farm Fresh Honey. Mitchell has over 100 hives in Ocala and produces 3 different types of honey for us: Spring Wildflower, Fall Wildflower and Orange Blossom. His hives are state inspected and his honey is all natural, unprocessed, and never heated so you’re sure to get all the health benefits honey has to offer.

Shoebox Herb Garden has made a wonderful pumpkin butter to celebrate the season and Register Cracker has a wide selection of seasonal offerings, as usual!

3 Rock Farm has Satsuma Tangerines this week, but probably not for too long. The freeze earlier this year really took its toll on the citrus crops, so buy them now while you can! As you read this, Amy is busy making gallons of her delicious Orange Tangerine Marmalade, which, by the way, is outrageously good on her Lemon Scones!

The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.

Happy Halloween!

Hi all CCLG Market Members,

It’s that time of the week again! The selection this week is spooky good, with no tricks but lots of treats!!

Shoebox Herb Garden has added Sago Palms as well as a few 3’ Loquat trees. Rumor has it she will be adding some homemade rum cake (from scratch) among other baked goods, so be sure to check the market often!

Register Cracker has a wonderful selection of new offerings which includes Naval oranges, Honeybell Tangerines, Pineapples, Jumbo Vidalia Onions, Red Delicious Apples, Bi-color corn, Strawberry Preserves and Summer Tomato Salad Dressing, in addition to their standard seasonal goodies.

3 Rock Farm has Peach Butter (made with local honey and fresh Florida peaches), fresh Lemon Scones and will be adding Monkey Bread, soon!!

We wish all our growers and customers and happy and safe Halloween!

The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.

The Ides of October

Hi all CCLG Market Members,

It’s that time of the week again. Your CCLG Market is OPEN to take your orders and our Growers are EAGER to share the bounty of their harvests with you!

This week, Shoebox Herb Garden has a mixed variety of fresh green beans and Register Cracker still has extra large pumpkins for just $5.00 – Great for carving and eating!

PS Many of you have asked for an update
…Michael is progressing well and we’re happy to report he has a “very healthy heart!” More news next week.

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So have a great week and see you at pickup.

Your Market Continues to Grow!

Hi all CCLG Market Members,
This week we welcome 2 new growers:
1) Harvey’s Farm is a family farm growing muscadine grapes and blueberries as well as producing goat milk and other goodies.
2) Fields Place raises goats and sells goat milk products, as well.
We are happy to have them aboard and look forward to their products in the coming days and weeks.

3 Rock Farm is just about done planting the winter crops and are looking forward to lots of yummy greens coming to market in the next few weeks.

The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.

The CCLG Team

We Welcome Fall

Hi all CCLG Market Members,
Now the mornings are staying darker later and the evenings draw in, the harvest is rolling into the storehouses ready for winter.

Are all just around the corner.

Checkout the Pumpkin listed on the market. They are large, just right for carving. I picked one up, it must have weighed 25lbs.
Great value at $10.00 Enjoy.

I came across this web site a few days ago and found it very interesting. As a child, when we were at Grandma’s house, milk, fresh from the farm was always available. Once a year all the cows were tested. No one in my family was sick from fresh milk!! If you were lucky enough to be in the milking parlor at milking time you may get some warm milk straight from the cow.
I share this site with you as I enjoy great childhood memories.
Link to Real Milk.

If you have a website or other online resource you would like to share, please do send me an email or via this link Mike W.

Following a number of requests from our customers,all growers are looking to eliminate or significantly reduce the number of plastic bags that are used in packing, routing and transporting the produce. To assist in this will you please bring bags to take your produce home with you. Please do discuss this with our volunteers at pickup. Your feedback is always carefully considered.

The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.

The CCLG Team

Late Email

Hi Fellow Market Members,
Just a note of apology. I did not get the market email out on time as I some sort of a bug that has laid me flat.

I have an appointment with my Doctor tomorrow so I know I will be ready for Thursday. Hope this malady avoids you.

The market is open.
Click the Link below to go to the market

See you at pickup

Your CCLG Team

The Changing Days

Hi all fellow market members,
Today is the day in the year when the nights start to be longer than the days. That is just another reminder that the Holiday Season will be upon us soon.

Change has come to Citrus County Locally Grown. For more than a year Tricia Kirkham has served as our Assistant Market Manager. Several good things are happening in Tricia’s life including new business potential. So Tricia has decided to step back at this time to concentrate on these new opportunities. Thank you for all your help, and good luck in your new ventures.
Tricia is staying with us as a grower.

Heart Healthy Beef
Now that is an eye catching headline. One of our market members has put pen to paper and given us the Cliff’s Notes version of the benefits of eating Grass Fed Beef.
This is printed in full below.

The market is open
The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.

The CCLG Team

Grass-Fed Beef – The “Heart-Healthy” Beef?
Many of us have been told to limit our consumption of red meat to prevent high cholesterol levels,
which may be associated with the development of heart disease. But did you know that grass-fed beef
has a different nutritional profile than conventionally raised beef in the U.S.A.? You may be surprised!
What is the difference between grass-fed and conventionally raised beef?
Traditionally, all beef cattle were raised in a pasture, roaming freely while eating a natural diet of grass
and forage. Beginning in the 1950’s, new methods were used to speed up the rate of beef production
and fatten the cattle as quickly as possible. As “finishing” time approached, cattle were confined to
pens and their diet was then changed from grass to a concentrated feed consisting mainly of grain and
The consequences of raising grain-fed cattle were many. The fat and cholesterol content of the meat
increased and the proportion of “unhealthy” vs. “healthy fats increased. As the cattle were penned up
in close proximity, an infection in one animal could spread quickly to the entire herd; therefore, the
animals were routinely injected with antibiotics as a preventative measure. Additionally, hormones
were administered to further speed the rate of growth.
During the latter half of the twentieth century, both cholesterol levels and the incidence of heart disease
rose in the United States. Elevated cholesterol levels have been linked to a diet high in total fat and
saturated fats in particular.
What are the health advantages of grass-fed beef?
Grass-fed beef is leaner and more nutritious
• Lower in Calories: Per 100 grams (size of a hamburger patty), grass-fed beef contains 192
calories vs. 254 calories in conventionally raised beef.
• Lower in Fat: Total fat is 12.73 gm (26.5 % of calories from fat) in grass-fed and 20.00 gm.
(39.7% of calories from fat) in the same size serving of conventional.
• Higher in Protein: The protein content is 19.42 gm in grass-fed beef vs. 17.17grams in
conventional beef. (Source: USDA nutrition database,
• Higher in Vitamin E: The Vitamin E content of grass-fed beef is as much as four times that of
grain-fed beef. Vitamin E is an important anti-oxidant, which may have a preventative effect on
heart health.
2. The lipid (fat) profile is much healthier.
• Per 100 gram serving, grass-fed beef has 5.3 grams of saturated fat vs. 7.7 grams in conventional
beef. A diet high in saturated fat is more likely to increase blood cholesterol.
• Grass-fed beef contains a higher content of omega-3fatty acids. Omega-3s are the “heart
healthy” fat that is found in fish oil supplements.Omega-3s may lower blood cholesterol and
act as anti-inflammatory agents as well.
• The proportion of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids ismuch more favorable. The recommended
ratio is no more than 4:1. In grass-fed beef the ratio is about 3:1, while in conventionally raised
beef, the ratio can be as high as 20:1.
• Grass-fed beef contains conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), a type of fat, which has been postulated
to have a positive effect on heart health and possibly diabetes and weight control.
Is there anything that I should know about grass-fed beef?
Grass-fed beef tastes delicious!
Because grass-fed beef is leaner than supermarket beef, it may cook faster on the grill. Moist methods
of cooking such as braising or stewing have very favorable results. Also, the taste is richer and more
satisfying. Although grass-fed beef is costlier than supermarket meat, it is a quality product with less
waste. You may likely feel more satisfied with a smaller portion.
Citrus County Locally Grown BEEF is raised locally in North Central Florida
Copyright: Written by Sheila Abrahams, M.A., R.D., Registered Dietitian
Professor of Nutrition, College of Central Florida,Citrus Campus
Tel: 352-270-8019 Email:

Honey and Other Tempting Treats-Email

Hello All Market Members,

Additional News for this week.

We have honey available on our market. From the beehives of a Nature Coast Beekeeper. It is local, and most of the hives are West of US19. A beekeepers life is a busy one, so CCLG is the distributor.
Just $5 for the 1lb jar.

Part of the unique flavor of the Bread Pudding, from 3 Rock Farm, comes from the French Bread used in the recipe. Eaten Hot or Cold this is a real treat.

EGGS 18 Count
18 Count cartons of eggs are available again.

Gaia’s Creamery are offering raw fresh cream and butter for your animals.

As the seasons change, and we welcome cooler days, we will have Lettuce and other fall crops returning soon.

If you have any questions or need help with ordering please do email the Market Managers.

Click on the link below to visit your market.

Thank you for supporting your ON-Line Farmers Market.

See you at Pickup.

Blessings, HEALTHY EATING, and Happy Gardening to you!

The CCLG Team