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Hi All
Yes this is a period of growth the warm nights mean that every plant seems to be growing well.

We Welcome a new grower
Roxanne, with Roxy’s Garden. Offering limited quantities of Kale, Collard Greens and Curly Parsley. Welcome Roxanne.

Gaia’s Creamery has moved to a new farm. What an operation! House and Farm. Fences and Buildings to be made ready too.
Fresh Cow and Goat Milk are still available and this week. Goat cheese is now available again.

Simply Seafood have added 5oz Lobster tails for $10.

All good news
Thank you for supporting your On-Line Farmers Market

See you at Pickup

Your CCLG Team

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Thia just in!

Register Cracker Farm’s home grown hydroponic strawberries are READY and available on the market! Yummy Yummy Yummy!


Lots Going on This month!

Good morning friends, and Happy Sunday to you!

Although we are already a week into the month of April there are still lots of things going on in the area. So many that I can’t possibly list them all here.

The Spring Expo, Taste of Ocala, and Twilight Jazz events are all being held Saturday and Sunday the 13th and 14th in the Indian Cultural Center in Ocala. April 19th Snow’s Market is having a craft fair and show. The Citrus County Families group on Facebook has their weekly nature walks every Thursday, changing which parks they visit week by week. Penn Station on W Pennsylvania Ave in Dunnellon is having a live musical event soon, check with restaurant for details. And so much more!

In preparation for the Spring Expo this weekend, Shoebox Herb Gardens has taken most of their products off the market temporarily but don’t worry, they’ll be back soon! Register Cracker Farm’s chickens have suddenly started laying a ton of brown eggs while Fox Hollow Farm’s chickens are laying those beautiful green and brown eggs. LOTS of veggies on the market again this week from 3 Rock Farm and Register Cracker Farm. Delicious homemade jams, jellies, and bakery items are available from SaraFay Farm, 3 Rock Farm, and Shoebox Herb Gardens. Soap Nuts has your wonderful healthful natural soaps and laundry aids. And as always Simply Seafood and Florida Fresh Meat Company have all your organic and grass fed meat and fish!

Spring has sprung and the weather seems to be taking a turn for the warmer at long last. Enjoy your week ya’ll.

Your Market is OPEN!!!!!

Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening!


Just After Easter

As many of your know our Market Manager Michael, was born in the UK. He shared that Good Friday is the traditional day to plant potatoes. Well this past Good Friday the ground was frozen with a hard frost overnight and snow flurries at his brothers house in Lincolnshire. So you can see it is not just us having unseasonably cold weather.
This weather is causing a lot of produce from our local growers to be delayed.

As I write this it is a bright sunny and warm spring day, full of promise for the produce to come.

Just a reminder that your market is open until late this evening.

As always we appreciate you supporting your On-Line Farmers Market.
Supporting Local Growers and Vendors

See you at Pickup

Your CCLG Team

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Avocados and Salmon

It has come to our attention that the Avocados supplied last week did not meet expected quality. So all Avocado supplied last week will be replaced this week.

As always we appreciate you supporting your On-Line Farmers Market.
Supporting Local Growers and Vendors

See you at Pickup

Your CCLG Team

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter dear friends! This week is your last week before Easter is here to get your naturally grown meats and produce for the family gathering!

Don’t feel like cleaning up the mess of food dyes from coloring Easter Eggs? Fox Hollow Farm has naturally colored eggs! Hard boil them and give the kids some crayons! Fun and no messy clean up! One idea my Mother always loves to do for Easter is to hard boil the eggs, peal them and THEN color them to make Deviled Eggs! They are fun for the eye and delicious for the tummy no matter what your age!

Gaia’s Creamery and Florida Fresh Meat Company have your grass fed meats while Simply Seafood has all the best local from the sea! Who’s thinking LOBSTER TAILS for Easter Dinner? YUM!

More and more veggies are coming on the Market from Register Cracker Farm, 3 Rock Farm, and Shoebox Herb Gardens. Meanwhile SaraFay Farm, 3 Rock Farm, and Shoebox Herb Gardens have your jellies, jams, and preserves covered be it for breakfast or culinary purposes!

Rise and Shine Bread has all the best Gluten Free breads you could want, not to mention DELICIOUS energy bars, cookies, and muffins!!!

Don’t forget the milk and cheese! Coffey Break Farm has goat milk and several flavored Chevre’s available this week after last week’s tasting. I personally LOVED the Cranberry Pecan and Chocolate Cherry. Surprise the family with a wonderful flavored goat cheese log this Easter! Gaia’s Creamery also has goat milk and grass fed cows milk, homemade butter, and YOGURT!

With such a delicious lineup how could you possibly go wrong?! Ordering is open from Sunday morning to Tuesday night. Quantities are sometimes limited so don’t delay

Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello, Hello, Hello and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day which means it’s time to plant your garden beans!

Speaking of planting, Saturday’s 6th Annual Green Thumb Plant Show & Sale was smaller than last year but was still a success for some of your local growers! Shoebox Herb Gardens still has a few vegetable and herb plants available. You’ll want to check the Live Plants tab throughout the week as they are able to take stock of what they have left and what has matured while they were busy preparing for Saturday’s show.

Here’s something to wet your appetite for week, Coffey Break Farm is planning to send some sample cups of a few different flavors of their lovely flavored Chevre in to the Market this week for everyone to try! How great is that?! YUM! I can hardly wait!

Now don’t forget, Easter is coming fast and I’m sure many of you have big plans with the family for a feast and possibly some Easter Egg hunting with the kids and grandkids. Fox Hollow Farm’s got you covered if your family is like ours and LOVES their Deviled Eggs after the hunt is done!

Florida Fresh Meat Co. and Gaia’s Creamery have your grass fed organic meats. Coffey Break and Gaia’s Creamery have fantastic milk and dairy products. While Register Cracker Farm has lots and lots of vegetables this week to choose from!

With so many items to choose from it’s hard to pick a favorite from Rise and Shine Bread, SaraFay Farm, and 3 Rock Farm! Baked goods, jams & jellies, vegetables… it’s all SO GOOD!

What a mess cooking a feast can be, dishes, laundry, hand washing; Soap Nuts has several products that help you get clean naturally!

For new customers, WELCOME to the CCLG Market! Ordering ends overnight Tuesday to Wednesday. So make sure you get your orders in soon!

Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening to all!


Spring is coming fast!

Lots of new items on the Market this week. Be sure to check regularly as sometimes our growers add things midweek as well!

Just in time for Easter
Florida Fresh Meat Special
Hormone and Antibiotic Free Beef
Naturally raised on Florida Pastures
Beef, Rump Roast 2.9 – 3.1 lbs $34.5

Call 352.897.0979 to order your Locally Grown grass fed Lamb for Easter and Passover.

Cracker Farm have added: Brussel Sprouts, Hass Avocado, Broccoli Crowns, Sweet Potatoes, Egg Plant, Cantaloupe, and Pineapple.

Blessings, Healthy Eating and Happy Gardening!


Winter's Last Hoorah?

Boy it’s been a cold one out there for days now! It’s supposed to let up for one night then hit again for one more before we can expect to see mid to late 40’s and 50’s at night again. At least according to the 30 day outlook! I’m raising my glass of OJ to cheer that. So keep your plants indoors for another couple days and breathe easy knowing that it’s almost over for us but our family and friends up north are still shoveling inches, and feet in some places, of snow. Prayers go out to those and their family who have been left in those terrible wintery conditions without power, trapped in their cars, or fell victim to traffic accidents due to ice.

Now for the Good News… Debe at Coffey Break Farm informs me that they have numerous new baby goats now! I had the privilege to meet one at Dunnellon’s First Saturday in the Historic District. He was such a little cutie! Debe tells me they have 3 that they are having to bottle feed at home and although things are busy and hectic they are excited to report that soon they expect to have enough milk coming in not only to begin ramping up cheese production again but also to have enough to offer on the market as well! Yay!

Several new items have been added midweek in the last few weeks, some of them were noticed and reported back to you in midweek emails while others were added quietly and didn’t get noticed in time to be included in those messages. I apologize for that and am excited to announce that we have a new Grains and Milled Products category with several new items available in it! Register Craker Farm has lots of delicious veggies listed as well as the return of Buttercrunch Lettuce! There are many culinary jams and Jellies from 3 Rock Farm and SaraFay Farm and new energy bars on the market as well from SaraFay Farm! There are a few 3 packs of Grapefruit left, Kumquats, and a new marmalade available this week from Shoebox Herb Gardens! Don’t forget your proteins with organic meats from Fox Hollow Farm, Florida Fresh Meat and Simply Seafood!

As always I bid you blessings, healthy eating and happy gardening.

Assistant Market Manager

Oops we did it again! Another New Item listed late.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled week for this late breaking announcement!

There are another couple of late listings this week on the market! Organically grown Ruby Red Grapefruit and organically grown Florida Oranges are now available from Shoebox Herb Gardens in the Fruits department! Limited quantities available so get them early.

After last week’s announcement regarding the late listing of bi-color corn from Register Cracker Farm, we received several questions regarding the heritage of the seed. To answer your questions, the Registers have assured us that this corn is non-GMO and was grown chemically free.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled week.

Thank you!