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It's almost Thanksgiving!

Hi all CCLG Market Members,

It’s that time of the week again!

A quick update on Michael. He is healthy and happy and mobile again; YAY!

This week we have a new vendor: Madelyn’s House of Spice and Such. She has listed three organic products this week for your pleasure: Garlic Powder, Loose Spearmint Tea and Vietnamese Cinnamon.

Register Cracker Farm has fresh butter crunch lettuce this week in addition to their regular seasonal fruits and vegetables.

3 Rock Farm has Satsuma Tangerines again this week – DON’T MISS THESE; they are seedless, easy to peel and super-sweet!

Shoebox Herb Garden has Toasted Pumpkin Seeds… tis that season… and a LIMITED # of pumpkin pies each week through Thanksgiving. Also now available for a limited time is homemade Cranberry Sauce & sweet Cranberry Jam.

Speaking of Thanksgiving. Next week, we are going to to do market on Tuesday, November 19th so everyone has a chance to buy healthy for their Thanksgiving feasts – mark you calendars!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

The link will take you there.

So have a great week and see you at pickup.