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What happened to Spring?

Our growers thank you for supporting local growers and businesses. Your orders make a real difference

Spring just began, and already we are having summer heat. One good thing is the early blueberries are in and better than ever! 3 Rock Farm is selling organic blueberries from Citrus County starting this week!

Coffee Break Farm is back with eggs, goat milk and goat cheese. Please note: there is a 3 log minimum per person when ordering cheese; not to worry you’ll have too much…these freeze wonderfully. Flavors for this week are garlic basil, honey cranberry pecan, chocolate cherry, and Plain.

3 Rock Farm
This week we have Eggs, Snow Peas, baby Collards and organic Blueberries!

A reminder…COW MILK IS AVAILABLE but we need to get our order to the farm on Tuesday so we will stop taking orders for milk, MONDAY NIGHT. Please do place your order early as to not be disappointed!!

Thank you for supporting your On-Line Farmers Market. Your purchases have made a difference to many families

Your CCLG Team

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